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Adventures in Hooking Part... Whatever

I couldn't remember which of my squares I'd posted pictures of already so here they all are in their full glory! Everything I've done so far for the Art Of Crochet magazine blanket - only about a third of the finished thing. Not too shabby.

How To Make Your Ex-boyfriend's T-shirt Into A Shangri-Las T-shirt

This is a tutorial of sorts... although you may need to use your brain box to fill in any bits I've skipped over - sorry! I accept no responsibility for any drama that may arise from making your ex-boyfriend's t-shirt into a Shangri-Las t-shirt! What you need: Ex's shirt (or one of your own) Fabric paint / pens / acrylic paint might work Sponge / paintbrushes Sewing machine (optional) Transparent sticky back plastic Craft knife and cutting mat Computer w/ printer Iron and board Old newspaper Alright, it's time to recycle that old unused t-shirt into something rad! The beauty of this project is that if it goes completely wrong and looks like the worst thing ever then it wasn't your loss! It's resourceful y'all! First you gotta take the shirt and put newspaper inside it between the front and back (this is very important!!!). Then draw a big ol' broked heart all over the front of it! Use paint or marker pens or anything y

Adventures in Hooking Part... Something

I crocheted this lacy kinda skinny scarf deal for our very own Anna Bonanza Knitting Correspondent. It's a pattern of alternate rows of V stitches and shell stitches. I added fun black tassels to the ends for kicks. It's the first thing I've crocheted that's not a square for my blanket, yay! Here's a close up: Noice. I mostly made this whilst watching loads of Seinfeld.

Lucha Libre Pillowslips!

I have finally finished this pillow case I've been working on for actual years. I used the Sublime Stitching Lucha Libre  patterns to make it. Even though the colours are kind of weird together I really love it! Because being normal is boring. Click for the deets: Pretty neat job I think! I love the super tiny stitching on the words, like little tiny fairy lights, aww! I don't know why the only things I ever make are pillowcases and pyjamas seeing as I never sleep! Boom!