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Libraries Week and Trees!

I'm not usually much of a Christmas person (I'm more interested in Halloween), but now and then I have a flash of festive inspiration and this month it involved Christmas Trees! More specifically my Christmas Tree cards, which I designed and hand printed and are now available in my Etsy shop : If you love them so much that you want to buy three or more, you can use the code PUMPKINS at checkout for a 15% discount for a limited time only! Earlier in the month it was Libraries Week and I had the absolute pleasure of making bookmarks and decorating bookworms with the kids at Corfe Mullen Library. Here are some of their fab looking creations: As you might be able to ascertain from the photos, we made collaged bookmarks out of old (discarded) books (not new books, we don't cut up those) and yet again the children outdid themselves with their creative ideas; some wanted to add feathers and long looping ribbons to their bookmarks and there were googly eyes galore. Fun was had by e

Little Amal's Skirt

During September I worked on a project with my Mum in which we collaborated on a single square to be sent off as part of a bigger project called ' The Nationwide Skirt of Welcome '. The giant skirt is being made from many patchwork squares to welcome Little Amal (who is anything but little) to the UK and raise awareness for refugees - especially displaced children. If you want to know more, or to donate, please use the above links - at the very least you should check out the amazing puppeteering; I can tell you from first hand knowledge that working with these giants is not easy! It was my Mum's idea to take part in the project but given my history with giant puppets  I was happy to help! The theme of the skirt is British Flowers, so we decided to make a bluebell and dandelion applique and embroidered piece. I sketched out the design and we both worked on the actual making of the square. Here it is in its finished glory: It ended up being a good representation of both of o