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Grandma Style!

Hello there my voyeuristic chums! You are wondering why I have been so absent aren't you? Well I'm going to tell you - I'm applying to do a BA in Textile Design next year, along with all the other courses I'm studying (art x2, fashion and sign language), so I've been mentally and physically getting all prepared! But today I am bringing you something old which is new to you. In May/June I whipped up this little beauty to wear to my Grandma's 80th birthday and haven't shared the pictures yet so here you are! Aww, that's me now! I used Burda Style pattern 7494 and the fabric was from Fabric Land . Nice, huh?! I like how it turned out although I only wear it when I'm in a wallpapery mood. I haven't yet finished the lining but that's OK because I wear a slip underneath for discretion. I got a lot of good feedback from ma familia so I felt pretty swish. That's about it, gotta run back to my application!