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My Green Crayon

We've finally had our grades back from uni for the Textiles Visual Studies unit and I'm proud to say that I had 78% for that unit! Which [in case you're not sure] is a very strong grade! Sometimes it's hard to know whether you're doing the right sorts of things at the right time but I guess so far I have been, which is reassuring. We also just handed in the second unit - Creative Beginnings in Textile Techniques - all the stitch, knit and print samples relating to TVS; here's a photo of my Mounting Madness day: Crazy Town And my section of wall in the studio: Another Stitch In The Wall As you may be able to tell I have also discovered Instagram, you can follow my works in progress / see my nonsense and cat pictures  @appletinitiny Here's some work from my next project for your excitement: The Day The World Turned Day-Glo! I was a bit enthusiastic with my green crayon