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Recycled With Love!

This is our friend Helen's website Recycled With Love ! We spied her stall at a gig and noticed her striking eyeballs. Not the ones in her head, silly! These ones: Eyeballs modelled by 'Lucky' James McGuinness. She also makes clothes from vintage fabric, cards and other bits, zoweeee!

Adventures in Hooking! Part One

I subscribed to the 'Art of Crochet' magazine a few months ago and the issues have been arriving Vin Diesel style (Fast and Furious). As a total and utter beginner I was confused by the pictures in the magazine, which didn't always seem to match my samples. I tried searching online to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem but couldn't find anything. I then ended up even more confused by Googling the terms because after much research I found that there is a difference between American and British terms for the same stitch... probably seems dumb to the veteran crocheter, but no one explained it to me! Eventually I found this chart which helped a lot. Anyway... it's taken me a while to get the confidence together to end the practice runs and start an actual bonefide project - but I've finally cracked it! These are the beginnings of a patchwork granny vintage style blanket, I did the squares in this order: On the left is the 'Redcurrant'