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That's no moon, that's a space station...

iHola, todos! Since I haven't posted for a while I am going to do one big update, so big it will be visible from the moooooon, here we go: Owl Pouch Owlma Twoo twoo, Twit twit twoo Gwdihw! The prototype owl pouch, I will probably make more with different owl faces on. Probably. What you keep in there is your business; loose change, loose cannons... maybe your notes from Owlmaese class! Westbourne Craft Collective At the moment we are working on a big collaberative project all to do with spring flowers and bees, with the intention of entering into a competition. I am legit excited to see how it turns out and the subject of bees and their near extinction is a topic close to my heart, so I am really putting a lot of love into this. Here are the two main pieces I'm working on (although I have others in the pipeline): Ain't made of jello! Get behind a fellow! Black and yellow! Bleeding Hearts The Bleeding Hearts will be strung together on a branch so

Frills And Thrills

Howdy there! Today I bring you pictures! Pictures of a special one-off gift I made for my International Twin, Sally . Jazzy potatoes One Elvis tote in crazy bright pop art colours that will either go with ALL of her outfits or NONE of her outfits. Handy! I made this from a pillowcase, hence the way none of the frills match. In other news I have been looking over old pictures - like this one: Gawthic potatoes And pining for the days of yore when I used to make rad stuff like this. And getting excited about maybe possibly doing more stuff like this. So I might. This post was brought to you today by Bodger and Badger.

International Women's Day Special: Let The Antimacassar Begin!

Fluffy, fluffy... fluffy chair of velvet Happy International Women's Day to all the ladies reading this... and the men too I guess, because why not! Share the lady love! I finished this a ntimacassar (which I keep wanting to type as antimassacre) on Sunday, just in time for International Women's Day! Not because I meant to, because I was, and then I realised, and then I was all like 'oh!', but let's pretend I did. It's embroidered with two colours of floss blended together (turquoise and grey) and umm it's kind of wonky and charming and... umm... oh! This is a close up That was a close up. That might be all I have to say about this, apart from that I love it, I loved making it and I'm proud of it (even its wobbly bits). That's feminism for you! This antimacassar was finished with the help of Pressure Drop at Sixty Million Postcards and Karen of Make It, Save It, Mend It! fame (thank you for the new Big Word)!

Record Covers for Mice Part 1 - The Velvet Underground & Nico

Felty, felty... felty badge of narner One night I was lying in bed and I thought 'hey, mice need record covers too, why shouldn't they appreciate fine art?' So thus began a new project entitled 'Record Covers for Mice'. Here is the first one. Recognise it? Yeah! It's ummm... mixed media, mostly felt, fabric, glue and embroidery. It measures about 1.75" square. I didn't do the 'Andy Warhol' bit because my hand was tired and space was getting tight right there! It's his favourite record! That's my sock monkey (Camem)Bert holding the Record Cover for Mice, for a sense of the scale. I had originally planned to have the banana peel back to reveal the inner banana so that the mice could fully understand the concept, but I decided it was a faff. If I make another one I might include that detail. This project wouldn't have been possible without The Donnas, The Detroit Cobras and of course The Velvet Underground!