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Take Your Tablets With Food

It was my wonderous penpal Sally 's birthday on 5th August so amongst other gifties that I sent her I made her a couple of Toilet Boys themed things (as she likes them and I still have a lot of this fabric left): Open Sesame Closed Sesame  As I have mentioned before, her favourite colours are neon pink and green, so I made her a cover for her tablet computer - I guessed the size, but she tells me it fits perfectly so that was lucky - and used bright green lining with a bright pink button for fastening. I used interfacing to make it all sturdier. I've never made a clutch bag / computer cover before so I was happy with this one! Oven Glove of Love II  I also made her an oven glove of love as the thickness of denim lends itself very well to the needs of an oven glove! Also like me, she likes cooking and eating. A lot. You can't see from the picture but I lined the glove with tiger print fabric, rawr and of course I included a layer of heat-proof wadding so she d