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World Book Day 2019

This year I was asked by my sister to create a costume for my nephew to wear on World Book Day. He's 3 years old and obsessed with Mary Poppins (as I was and still am!), so a Bert costume it was! Or more specifically, Bert in the 'Jolly Holiday' scene. If you haven't seen the original (or need a reminder) you can check it out here ! It's basically a classic casual men's Edwardian seaside holiday lurk with striped blazer, bow tie and straw boater hat. So for this costume I used this Kwik Sew pattern  and super-simplified it (e.g. left off all the pockets and unnecessary bits) and customised my own stripey fabric. First, I cut out all the pattern pieces from plain white cotton, then I used red, yellow and orange ribbon in different widths to make each individual stripe, pinning them into place first and then sewing them down with the corresponding colour thread. 🙈 If you are reading this with the intention of making this yourself here's a tip - you need lik