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Kids Craft: Floral Wreath

I've now started teaching some of the children's craft clubs on saturdays and at half term at Walford Mill Crafts. There's definitely been some trial and error on my part with regard to learning the limits of what children can do creatively (e.g. I learnt the hard way that most of them cannot tie knots) and what they're willing to do (e.g. how long their attention span lasts)! But I feel that I'm making good progress now and my confidence with the teaching part is on the up. Next big task: remembering all their names!!! This weekend we made floral wreaths. The children have to be able to finish their project within an hour and a half so the class has to be fairly simple... but not so simple that it's boring. I decided to cut the wreath / doughnut shapes out of paper plates and let the kids decorate them using coloured paper, templates I had created and pens, pencils, stickers, pom poms and buttons. Here's the example that I made: I tried to use differen