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The finished thang! Hi there Zoonies! I embroidered this white pillowcase about forever ago and then it gradually started to disintigrate after some hardcore sleeping hours. And washing machine tumbles (my lawyer said I should put that in there). I didn't want to waste my many hours of glaborious work so I decided to save the important pieces and re-attach them to something else. BUT WHAT?! I know! Another boring old  pillowcase of course!!! So I did. Boring ol' thang! I left the edges all raw because I am lazy I really dig that look and sometimes I like to have something to chew on while I'm sleeping. Aaand I used a co-ordinating / similarly themed fabric I had leftover from another project for a panel. Then I just added some lace for that extra fancy touch. Now I have a trio of exotic Mexican themed pillowcases! The patterns are from Sublime Stitching's Dia De Los Muertos and Lucha Libre sheets.

Slimey, Slimey... Slimey Bag of Tiger

  Continuing my pop art kinda theme from earlier, this is my super special amazing spectacular whatever-else-I-said bag I made for myself! I am kind of in love with it! It was inspired by the cover of the Purple Knif Show , and also this dress . Maybe my bag needs more slime and other flair, I'm not sure if it's the kind of project that could ever have 'too much going on', but I have to admit that the slime was kind of a pain to make, and therefore more detail would have probably led to me throwing my sewing machine out the living room window. I left the slime free to dangle because I am super into Interactive Art that you can slap people with at psychedelic discos. With the CD cover that inspired it! Fwends! I used the Cramps logo stencil from Stencil Punks and it turned out really cool after a few painstaking hours cutting all the wobbly lines out. Worth it! Aaaand I made a pocket out of contrasting pink zebra fabric - the first pocket I've ever made so

Emotional Bedrock

Spectacularly Swirly Disco Pyjama Leg Psychedelic Neon Glow This is my newest creation - named Sally after my lovely penpal/International Twin/emotional crutch! I seem to be on this huge Pop Art kick at the moment, well always really, but more so than ever right now. So this is Pop Art, meets Flintstones, meets Sally (pink and green is her favourite colour combination). Hence the Sally bag. Pop Rock Even though I love looking at it in sheer amazement and admiration I think I will sell it, especially as I have made myself a super amazing special spectacular limited edition version to keep (more about this mysteriousness later)!

Westbourne Craft Collective - it's a real hoot!

I finished my felt owl this week at the Westbourne Craft Collective. He's sleeping because it's the daytime, yeah.

Shop AppletiniTiny Happenings!

My stall should [hopefully, if all goes to plan] be making an appearance at the very hip Sixty Million Postcards tomorrow arvo for Rumble In The Jumble, featuring the following [not very hip] new items, amongst old favourites and hopefully more if I get in gear this evening... The pink Miffy tote bag! (Eagle eyed readers will recognise my old tablecloth) Anything leftover will be destined for the Folksy shop [hopefully, if all goes to plan].

[Insert Hilarious Pun Here]

I had even more fun at the Westbourne Craft Collective this week! We made paper hearts for Valentines day, I made mine into a little hanging decoration for my friend. Some of the other ladies made super fancy garlands though! Next week we're making felt owls, I cannot wait! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I have also started a paper rose and still haven't finished my needle book, because I get too excited by the new projects, like a dog chasing squirrels... or something. This post was brought to you by the letters V, S and The Everly Brothers.

Swirly, Swirly... Swirly Book of Needles

Today my sister and I decided to head down to the local library to check out the craft club which meets weekly there. I've never been to a crafty gathering before so it was intimidating for me, but we had a brillo pads time!   I started to make this psychedelic needle book, inspired by my love of all things 60's and swirly. I added my own flower shaped buttons and I might work on it some more at home seeing as we're starting summat else next week (not quite sure how we're going to keep up with the others, eeeeeep). I think it will be cute when it's done. Keep the faith.

AppletiniTiny: What Everyone's Blogging About

One of my most raddest lady friends Helen (who I am always harping on about) has just rebranded her brand and launched a completely awesome blog ! And I get a mention for the rather charming little fortune cookie man I made her. Huge AppletiniNotTiny congratulations go out to her also for her Craftster award for the Core Blimey jacket, which for obvious reasons holds a special place in muh heart!