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Stripey, Stripey... Stripey Prints of Colour

Miami Nice This was the result of my last printing class - two more screenprinted samples in different colourways. I'm calling this my 'Accidentally 80's' collection. My teacher said they were very Jasper Johns Pop Tart Aww yeah aww yeah

Record Covers for Mice Part 2: The Beatles - Help!

NUJV The second installment of Record Covers For Mice is The Beatles - Help! If you're not sure what the original looks like, here ya go Mixed media, but mostly felt, embroidery, glue and jersey. George is my favourite Voila! Beatles for the mice. Made with - Almodovar, The Beatles, The Kinks and so much patience.

Alternative Tentacles

Hey, remember the Hexopus I blogged about the other day? Well now you can buy him in greetings card form from my shop . The Hexopus is a magical, mythical creature from the dark depths of my mind! He will greet you with a warm, slimey, black hearted, six tentacled hug. More colours coming soooooon!

I Got Stripes - Stripes Around My Shoulders

Ello Poppets, I've been making band t-shirts again! I wanted a Riff Randells t-shirt, a stripey Riff Randells t-shirt, because on the cover of the first record I bought by them they are all wearing stripey t-shirts, see? So rad it should be a crime I had the iron-on letters leftover from another project and the red fabric is part of an old t-shirt. I just ironed the letters on, drew around them in the shape I fancied, cut that out and appliquéd it on. And then I made another one: Two very different bands, two very similar shirts. I had originally wanted the shape to be an explosion , inspired by Roy Lichtenstein but then I decided that clouds are nicer and just as pop-arty. And that's all I have to say about this except that now I have 2 new favourite t-shirts (3 if you count the extra one I kept plain). I am pretty crazy bout stripes y'all! This post was generated by stripes, The Riff Randells, Huggy Bear , Big Boys and recycling.

Shiny, Shiny... Shiny Robot Sock Man

Aloha babiezzz! I know what you are asking! You are asking 'after you finished the Spring Flower Show Project in the Westbourne Craft Collective , whatever did you do next?!!' Well ask no more, for here is what we did! A truly fearsome bunch of lads We made sock monsters ! My favourite is the green, purple and stripey guy in the middle, made by The Other Sarah (no relation), keen eyes will spot old favourite Bert hanging out in back. Mine is the pink sparkly guy in the front although he wasn't finished in time for the picture... Glambot ...but here he is now, all finished! He is the David BowBot, he is a very glamourous robot indeed. I am told that he needs hair but that seems like it might be An Unecessary Faff. Ground control to Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your sparkles on. Holding handy pandys Here he is hanging out with his best friend Bert, letting all the children boogie. After we made sock monsters, we made collaged confessional po

Hearty Farty Six Legged Sea Dweller

Oh hai. As I mentioned earlier I have started a textile printing class at the AUCB so here is a little peep at what I have done so far. Screeny, screeny... screeny swirly apples The first is a stencil/screen print, my teacher said it was very Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Art Nouveau - it was really supposed to be 60s ish but that’s cool because they stole everything from Art Nouveau were pretty nuts about Art Nouveau in the 60s anyway. I'm not crazy about the colours/tones I used but maybe that will improve with practise. The second and third are lino prints from a lino block I made about 10 years ago, ha! I call him Hexapoo or Hexopus, I used to draw him a lot and he's still lookin good after all this time. I thought the others in the class would laugh at him but the general concensus was that he's cute. He's supposed to be tough and swirly but I guess cute is the next best thing. I prefer the first of these two prints because of the colourway and

Whut I Have Been Doing

Whut I have been doing: Attending a textile printing class (more about this another time) Listening to crazy loads of music Chilling out Playing my guitar and ukulele Changing the blog layout Updating my online store[s] This is my Etsy shop This is my Folksy shop I know what you are thinking, you are thinking 'Sarah why do you have two shops you crazy broad?' and the answer is quite simply that I am still deciding which one I like best and then will close the other one down.