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That Ain't Gonna Wash Off!

This week something totally WILD happened - one of my great friends went out and got herself a fabulous smiley lion face tattoo featuring my design! What an incredible honour to have one of my drawings permanently inked onto someone else's body - I think it works really well as a cute and simple tattoo design. Tattoo by Tofu Tattoo, Perth, Australia You can see more work by the very talented artist who did the actual tattoo on  her Instagram .  This has reminded me; super fans will remember that I sold temporary tattoos a while ago, one of which was this design. What do we think - maybe they need to make a comeback? 😀 Bye for now! Sarah

Merino Wool Crochet Slippers

I haven't posted for a while as I've been adjusting to some changes in my routine but I wanted to share my latest finished personal project - these fab crocheted slippers that I made all for myself! I have had the pattern for these for quite a long time and managed to find some merino yarn in my stash that worked with the pattern too. I've never made slippers or socks before, but found the pattern (a mix of double and treble crochet worked in the round) to be fairly easy and quick to make.  Since this was a stash project, I changed the colours from the original pattern but I really like the contrast of the green and purple that I used. I hear that merino wool regulates body temperature, wicks away sweat and eliminates odours so it's something of a super-fibre and probably great for slippers. They've certainly served me well so far and haven't slipped off my feet as I feared they might and the big pompoms make me feel very jolly. In progress I'm looking forwa