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Some People Take A Self-Care Day, I Take 2 Self-Care Years

Wow, it's been over two years since my last blog post! 😅 I've had plenty of exciting crafty adventures in the meantime and have lots to post about, so I'll start with some quick updates to get things going. Back in 2019 I was asked to drop in and chat on the  Culture+  podcast  Women Know Your Place . I resisted posting about this when it first came out because: 1. Fear of hearing the sound of my own voice in a recording (I know you know what I mean) 2. I thought I would come across negatively for talking about personal stuff (sharing is hard and doesn't always pay off) However, having reviewed the recording last week I have decided that those fears were completely unfounded so I'm sharing it now! In a nutshell, I talk about a few of the projects I had been working on at the time and then go on to reveal the reason why I have fallen off the radar a bit. SPOILER: I suffer from a thyroid related chronic illness that I don't talk about very often - if you don'