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Black Eyes And Broken Teeth

While I was trawling through old links yesterday I found this cute shirt I designed for my brother in law's (now defunct) merch company Teepot. I think I drew this around 5/6 years ago... I kinda like the beat up piratey/Duane Peters look of the cassette face, all black eyes and broken teeth. I never actually got one of the shirts for myself, although other people bought it! It's so weird (but awesome) to think that people paid money for something that I designed. Might be time to revive this little guy; maybe in embroidery form?!

Bedtime Shorts

Knocked up these beauts in an hour or two, nothing special but I thought I'd post them because they're the first garment I've made from a pattern all by myself with no help from Mummy! I did use one of her 80's / 90's patterns though... they turned out kinda like ele-pants too (huuuuge) but hey - they're comfty! I couldn't be bothered messing about with elastic either so I just used ribbon in the waistband for a tie, I used a nice wide one so that I could have a big bow (I stole borrowed the idea from here ). The best part... that fabric GLOWS IN THE DARK IN ACTUAL LIFE! It's from David And Goliath but I bought it The Fabric Fairy (check the links page). And yes, those are my Elvis sheets that I sleep in when I wear them! I must have used the wrong stitch though because after a couple of months they are starting to come apart at the seams. Should have used a stretch stitch - the fabric is only slightly stretchy so I thought I might get away with i