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How To Make Vegetarian Chicken Pie The Sarah Way

A little recipe I came up with on Sunday night, just for you. Written in my own unique style... but I promise it really is a totally rad, delicious pie! Serves 3-4 (5 at a push) Ingredients: 7ish bigish potatoes 1 package of vegetarian chicken pieces (if you want to use real chicken then that's cool with me but you'll have to figure out how to cook it all by yourself) 1 large package of asparagus (sub other veg if you don’t like it) 1 bottle of decent white wine (chilled) 3 tbsp double cream 1 egg yolk ½ pint vegetable stock Butter Bit o’ flour Milk Salt and pepper (to taste) Bit o’ Olive Oil Optional cheese (any type, all cheese is good cheese) Method: ♪    Open the wine. Pour yourself a large glass. Drink some. ♪    Boil some water in your kettle or in a pan (whichever you find most efficient). Wash and peel the potatoes. Take them with your hands and cut them up into quarters. Put the potatoes into the pan with some salt and the boiled water. Boil the

Pillows Of Destiny

My friend Sally just landed herself her dream job as a librarian! Then it was her 25th birthday and next month she's moving home, so I decided to try and make her a combined gift for all of the awesome things that are about to happen to her! This is what I came up with - embroidered pillowcases! Had I had as much time as I would have liked I probably would have added a few more books on. Anyway, I love how they turned out. I used the Sublime Stitching Sexy Librarians sheet. Sally used to have pink and green hair until she got a 'real' job so I thought it would be a nice touch for these little ladies to have the same! Details, details, details: And that's about all I have to say about that!

Don't get shirty with me!

Hey you guys, I am ill. Yet still I insist on slaving away over a hot blog and a cold mug of gazpacho to bring the craft to YOU! I finished off this t-shirt on Monday after initially trying to attach some weird collar of my own invention to it some months ago. Didn't work; project was left abandoned. I hacked off the old collar and finished it off with something much simpler. The fabric is that same soft jersey I bought on sale at John  Lewis and blogged about in April . I used New Look pattern 6483 and just adapted it for stretch fabric (ignored the side slits and darts and cut off the excess from the arm holes). The result is a slightly oversized but ridiculously comfy slouchy tee. Not the most exciting thing in the world but very adaptable! For the neckline I recycled the hem of my beloved old HMV uniform and just made a wide band over the raw edges. It turned out more fun than I thought it would! The buttons are from a local independent button shop (although I'm