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Babbling Brooks

Bonjour, mes petits choux-fleurs, Once again I have been screenprinting in my art class! I am working towards my final piece for this unit all about ME, so this work is all in preparation for that. I recently watched  Pandora's Box , a silent film from 1929 starring Louise Brooks. After looking very briefly into her life I found out that she died the day after I was born (8 August 1985). Soooo I just thought that was kind of interesting, as if I had bumped her off the face of the planet [I am sure this is not the case, but if it is then Ms. Brooks; I am truly sorry]. This is Louise Brooks: Lulu Here are my screenprints: I am happy overall with how they turned out; it wasn't the easiest picture to convert to a stencil by hand, without machine aid so I lost some of the details. Anyway the above prints aren't even part of my final piece, oh no! These were just bonuses. Here is what I'm doing for my final piece: I decided (with the help of Helen at Nel

A Giggle of Hexopi

The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! The Spring / Summer 2013 Hectopi release! No two exactly alike. Check them out in my Folksy shop