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Large Marge

I picked up this Joy Division t-shirt from my local Primarché, I knew they had them in from a previous visit and schlepped desperately through every rail in the men's section until I found the last one - a size XL and £3! Stoooooked. Here are the before shots; huge and I mean HUGE Aaaand the after shots: So much better! I intended it to be a dress but it's really turned out more like a tunic, so I may add a panel to the bottom if I ever take it off for long enough to do so... nah. I am currently into resizing all my shirts with this 'grown-on' sleeve effect which works particularly well with L / XL shirts but can also be done with smaller sizes. I think it looks cute but it's basically just because I'm really lazy and impatient and like projects that only take 45 minutes (including posing time). I made this with the power of Larry David's stare


Should you be so inclined you can now follow me on Twitter @AppletiniTiny. I quite often post random craft projects on there and am currently using it as a kind of lack-of-mix-tape-making-resources-frustration outlet. I will blather about clothes, music, oddities of note and all thngs AppletiniTiny mostly. So it'll probably be really boring.


Update in point form! Since I started doing all these crazy craft fair / jumble sale type thingys people keep asking me for business cards, so against my better judgement (and even though I don't consider myself a business by anyone's standards) I have ordered some! I have taken everything out of my Folksy shop temporarily while I rethink / restock / brainstorm. Just in time for Christmas because I am a crazy kid like that. I have heaps of new ideas but a lot less time and am therefore 'employing' (dragging to my depths) new 'staff' (my sister) to help me create more 'stock' (junk to sell)! I have been listening to lots of 60's garage. fin