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Poppy Power!

A quick update today to show off a dress I made last weekend using some vintage fabric given to me by my friend Laura (regular readers will remember her from  this post ); here is the fabric in colour: And I used vintage Style pattern 2382: which I had picked up at  Lou Lou's Vintage Fair  in October last year for about £2.50. Including thread and fastenings, the dress cost less than £10 to make! The dress is supposed to be sleeveless so I took the sleeve pattern from the coat and used it with the dress. I also had to make lots of adjustments as I found that the pattern was very big! Here is the dress in action on monday night: Photos by  Jonathan Salariya (I also DJ in my spare time). As you can see, I added little heart shaped patch pockets to the front because hardly any of my dresses have pockets and I like to have somewhere to keep my crumbs and bits of fluff.