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Here Comes The Pun...

Wow, my work was featured on a website! OK so it wasn't so much featured on there as linked from there... but I am still chuffed to bits! Thanks George Harrison news daily ! And now I also know where to get my daily news about George Harrison, double wow because I love that man!

Top Trompes

Yesterday I was so excited about getting my  Society6  shop up and running that I completely forgot to post about another thing I meant to write about. Last Friday we had a drawing class with  Dan Heath  for developing themes n stuff; which made a nice change as it's usually an all female year group with all female teachers [not that I have a problem with women of course, being one myself, but it's nice to hear a man's perspective every now and then]. I struggle with drawing days because I can be disheartened when what's on the paper isn't the same as what's in my brain, but by the end of this day I had produced something I really liked: Donald Trompe-l'œil It's a 3D heart made from photocopies of my work, stuffed inside, sewn around the edge and with stringys coming all out of it. It looks very  Trompe-l'œil; a word I can spell but not pronounce, so don't ask me; and the scan sort of makes it looks like  Trompe-l'œil within  Trompe-l

The Sarah Appleton Design Society6 Store Is Now Open!

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Hola! I've been in university for over a month now (studying for a Textiles BA with hhhons) and thought I'd share some of my favourite things that I've made there so far. My project is about the film Metropolis ; mostly we've only been screenprinting so that's why it's mostly screenprints. This was a piece of fabric that I'd spilled Procien dye on; ever the thrifty gal I didn't want to waste the piece so I hand splodged black dye all over it and then printed the red hearts using my exposed screen. It turned out rather punk rock and is one of my favourite things I've probably ever made! I printed the same hearts in a slightly varied pattern on a thin piece of muslin which makes them look very ye olde fashioned illustratey. Which I also like! I also cut this rather marvellous A3(ish) sized stencil - regular readers will know about my passion for the art of stencilling  - for some stencil prints. Most people peeping over my shoulder while I wa