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More Threads of Narrative

Threads of Narrative is still running at  Walford Mill Crafts  and will be staying there until 22nd April, having been extended due to popular demand (or something)! After the original opening date was postponed due to the snow, it's great that more people will be able to see the work during the extra time. After it's finished at Walford Mill, the show will be moving on just up the road to  Kingston Lacy  - the last home of the Bankes family - where it will be on display for even more people to see! I'm really looking forward to seeing my work placed in the home of the family it was inspired by and will be so proud to see it there. More details of this exciting development to come! Without further ado, here's some photos of our launch event (photos by Steve and Sarah Appleton): Lots of people came along (thank you if you were one of them), including Jude the dog! 'My Own Darling Mummy' - Sarah Appleton 'Apron Strings' - Sarah Appleton 

Threads of Narrative

I've been a bit rubbish at posting blogs so far this year, this is mainly due to finishing all the work off for the Threads of Narrative exhibition, which opens this week at Walford Mill Crafts in Wimborne. If you've missed my previous posts about this project, you can read a bit more about the beginnings  here ; but in a nutshell the project is a textile exhibition about the Bankes Family of Dorset. Now all the work is complete and up I have more free time to talk about it... or at least post pictures! Here are the two main pieces I've made: My Own Darling Mummy This is the pink neoprene dress I posted about previously, now complete with lights, words and frills. I'm pleased with how it turned out; as with any project there are things I would have liked to have added or improved if I'd had more time, but time just trickled away with this huge commission and I had to end it somewhere! Here are a couple more pictures, I will of course take higher quality shots