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Yesterday I took part in a lino cutting taster class at  Walford Mill  with resident printmaker  Robin Mackenzie . Robin specialises in illustration and printmaking of the wood engraving and linocut variety and is just an all-round tip top bloke and jolly good egg. We started off the class by flipping through some print books for ideas of texture and mark making. Robin welcomes complete newbies to his classes (which is just as well as we nearly all were!); I've done a little bit of  lino printing  before but nothing to get excited about. Everyone brought a photo or sketch to work from but we were provided with all the other essential equipment we needed: I had an original sketch to work from: I wanted to do something fun and in my own unique illustrative style; although I knew that all this detail might be pushing it for a 2 hour class I was up for a little challenge! Once we'd all sketched out our compositions and were happy with the design, we proceeded to draw it ont