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Same Shirt, Different Day

Almost two years ago I blogged about a blouse / shirt that my mum had made in ye olde years of vintage gone by, and I added a strange white collar which looked a little wrong and penguiny. Well I recently decided to re-vamp the blouse again with a different coloured collar; a blue very similar to the one within the pattern and it looks much nicer, behold: Before Nafter I also took in the sides and the arms (although you can't really tell from the photo) to make it slightly more fitted and less pyjama-y. It still has some baggyness though as it doesn't have any darts so I guess that was the style of Ye Olde Times. Here's a close up of the fabric: It's from Liberty! It feels very soft and nice and EXPENSIVE. Here's a peek of how I may desire to style it: Bow Selecter It also goes rather nicely with the oversized clutch bag I whipped up yesterday: I was fortunate enough to obtain the Art Nouveau fabric in a lucky dip bag from my good friend Helen, it