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Pirate's Booty

Ahoy there!  With the impending arrival of a nephew looming, lately I have been making moccasin baby booties by the gallon. This began with gifts for the aforementioned and has grown into a teeny tiny empire via social media and word of mouth (mostly my mouth). I've made quite a few pairs now and even have a small stock in  Dot.Tea's Vintage Tea Boutique . Here's a few of the pairs I've made so far: As you can see, these come in many different [exciting] colour combinations! They are great fun to make as they're so small and therefore quick, so no time for the impatient sewer to become frustrated and throw them and the machine out the window. I already have an order for another pair, so back to work it is for me! 

Blurby Blurb

There's a short blurb up about my work and experience at Hand & Lock, London on my University website today! Click to see pictures and read a little about my work: