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It's Vintage, Dahling (Honest)

I was recently blessed not only with the gift of a wonderful friend named Laura, but also with the gift of a wonderful friend named Laura who gives wonderful gifts of BIG BAGS OF VINTAGE FABRIC Big Bags Maudella 5443 And as I had previously been blessed with my friend Helen over at  Nellys Treasures  who recently gave me Maudella vintage pattern 5443 I decided to put these two elements together and came up with this: Faux Vintage But Also Really Vintage The brown squiggly one on the left I made for myself and the bluey greeny forresty one I made for Laura as a bon voyage present as soon she will be moving to Qatar to be a teacher. Nooooo! As for what else I've been up to; I've re-stocked my Etsy shop , am getting mentally prepared for uni (kinda) and today I attended my end of year exhibition for my Level 2 City & Guilds art course: Yup, that's me That's my work that I'm pointing the pointy at and also the lacy one above it. Yup! And her