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Nutty Appley Parrotts?!

Yesterday I had a day's takeover at the Nutty Parrott  Studio at Walford Mill Crafts. The studio is the shared space of Caroline Parrott  and Wendy Nutt , who are both lovely and extremely talented ladies! During my takeover, I (wo)manned the shop for them and was able to use the space to create some of my own work too. Here's me outside the studio: Nutty Appley Parrott? And here's the bug brooches that I was working on whilst I was there: Buggies These will be available to buy soon from my Etsy store, or directly from me. They are designed from one of my original illustrative drawings, then laser cut onto specially chosen materials (wood and acrylic) in a fabulous colour pallet, then the bug brooches are hand finished with a hand painted, handmade bead and a handmade tassel all made by me! I also 'embroider' them a bit with patterns through holes in their bodies. These are really fun, oversized statement jewellery, not intended for the faint of heart! B

Working at the New Carnival Company: Final Chapter: Carnival Time!

My time at the  New Carnival Company  has come to an end. I'm now back home in Dorset, feeling a little discombobulated after the Mardi Gras yesterday but very grateful and happy to have been involved in this incredible event! On Friday we focussed on finishing Gina's elephant. When I arrived in the morning she had already made him tusks and eyelids: Gina and George / Ellie / Bob I started the day by making heck loads of ruffles from sequinned fabric: Sequince We also had a make-up artist come in and test out face painting ideas on us for the next day. It was nice to have a mini pamper after we'd been working such long hours! Then Gina and I draped a headdress for him which was upcycled from a duvet cover: And I used my sewing skills to sew that and the ruffles together while Gina finished the details and decorated him beautifully: Later I finished a few little touches for my peacock costume (leg cuffs and final headdress adjustments) and was very surprised