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T-shirt Printing at the Forest Arts Centre

Last week I took on a children's t-shirt printing workshop at the Forest Arts Centre in New Milton. I really wanted to give the workshop an eco-friendly angle, so I collected lots of found objects from discarded handles to single use plastics in various shapes and sizes and we used these dipped in specialist paint to create repeating and abstract patterns.  After giving minimal instructions I let the kids experiment on sheets of paper before printing their t-shirts and they came up with some wonderfully creative and colourful designs to wear on their Easter holidays. I'll let the shirts speak for themselves! A sample shirt created by me! A few experiments on paper... ...Before the real thing! I love how each t-shirt came out completely differently, with every one expressing something about the personality of its wearer. The children really seemed to enjoy it, they didn't get too messy and weren't phased by facing the blank white canvas of a t-shirt! A success all around