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Threads of Narrative; Part Two!

This week  Threads of Narrative  (my shared textile project with Lisa Earley) opened at Kingston Lacy in Wimborne. They've incorporated some of our work into their larger exhibition 'Beyond the Portrait' about some of the ladies of the Bankes family and we've got our own space in the laundry room out in the courtyard. If you didn't get around to seeing the exhibition the first time at Walford Mill Crafts, then this is a great chance to see it since it will be on until October! Here's a few pictures I took today: Apron Strings - Sarah Appleton 2018 Little Hilary - Sarah Appleton 2018 That's me - hieee!  Other than that, I'm currently working on a big private commission which I'll post progress on soon, and hopefully there will be more exciting news to come too. Byeeee!