Gift Tags a Go-Go!

This month (like many people) I have been gearing up for Christmas in a big way. Along with adding my new Christmas Cards to my Etsy shop, I also made some gift tags for sale using the same lino block and some leftover shrink plastic that I had. This is the first time I had experimented with such a project and I had a lot of really nice feedback about them:

In fact, the whole lot sold out straight away - so they must have been good! I made mostly Christmassy ones but I also tried out a couple of other designs too, like my peacock:

I'm trying to use up some of the 'less sustainable' materials and packaging that I have, so it's unlikely that I'll be making any more exactly like this - but I did design them with the intention that they be reused and/or hung on the Christmas tree as decorations! I am not a re-gifter but I am definitely a re-claimer of tags, ribbons and even gift wrap sometimes... would that be a re-wrapper?! 🙈 Any other re-wrappers out there make yourself known! 💁

These tags are no longer available but there are greetings cards with the same design and lots more lovely one-off, unique items in my Etsy shop. Go and have a look!

Bye for now,

Sarah x


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