Her:Story Outreach Project with Sarah Redmond-Fareham and QE School!

This week I was honoured to be invited along to Queen Elizabeth School with artist Sarah Redmond-Fareham to help work on a super exciting outreach project called Her:Story - a project about inspiring women throughout history (get the pun?!)

Each artist was assigned a different female to study, and they all came armed with sketches and photographs ready to create a bust of their subject out of clay.

Sarah setting up!

[The secret is that the face is already in the clay, you just have to remove the parts that are not face]:)

Most of the students had never worked with clay much before, but neither had I; Sarah is the expert and was a fantastic teacher as all the students ended up with great results. I was on hand for moral support, suggestions and cleaning up duties! At first, the students worked tentatively, but after the initial features were put into place, you could see the confidence grow and a lot of recognisable faces came out. Here are some of the works in progress (all work by students of QE School):

Feel free to have a go at guessing the famous faces in the comments section below, each one has a clue to their identity perched on their head :)

Once dried and finished, these exceptional busts will be exhibited at Walford Mill Crafts during April, so watch this space for further news!


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