Sewn Toy Tales - Melly & Me

Back in May I decided to make a gift for a young family member's second birthday and sadly not being able to find the pattern I had for Karma Chameleon I was forced to hit my local public library for some inspiration. I came across the book 'Sewn Toy Tales' by Melly and Me (aka Melanie Hurlston) and fell in love with the cute faced characters - in particular one 'Darcy the Dinosaur' - and decided this was the toy for me! Or rather for the child in question. 

I used some flowery fabric from my stash along with a plain semi-matching orange fabric and vintage green ric-rac for the ruff. To finish him off I used white felt for the horns (super fiddly to turn inside out but effective) and button eyes.

Umm... can I keep it though?
What do you think? The thing I love most about this toy is that it can stand up all by itself! I was in two minds about the choice of the flower fabric originally, but I'm really happy that I went with this one in the end because it looks so fun and colourful, unique and eye-catching. I'd never made much in the way of 3D objects before but it was surprisingly simple so if you (like me) fancy having a go but feel a bit intimidated then I'd recommend this book as a starting point. Here's the cover:
If you're not really a dinosaur person (umm... excuse me?) then there are plenty of other cute pals in there such as a giraffe, a caterpillar, a mouse and more. But disclaimer - you may want to keep them all for yourself!

Until next time, goodbye from me!


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