Folk Embroidered Felt Birds - Corinne Lapierre

Happy new year one and all!

For my first post of 2022 I wanted to write about this lovely book which I was given as a Christmas gift a few years ago from my friend Wendy Nutt because it's proven to be a really useful one that I go back to time and again to create unique gifts for my friends and family.

If you're interested in embroidery and specifically want to give 3D creations a try, I would definitely recommend it! The book has full instructions and illustrations, with templates for each bird in the back. I've made around half of the birds in the book, here is some of my handiwork:







City Dove



I'm glad that I decided to write this blog post actually because it has really shown me how much my photography skills are improving (assisted by getting an updated phone). The 'Folk Embroidered Felt Birds' books inspired me so much that this Christmas I even had a go at drafting my own pattern for a partridge and a pear. I gave these as a gift to Wendy and she was also the lucky recipient of the peacock in a previous year! That and the parrot are the birds that involve the most work but they're worth it in the end as they both look very fancy when finished!
Along with stuffing the birds with toy wadding I occasionally add a little bit of dried lavender to give them the surprise bonus of a delightful waft of fragrance. The other modification I make now is that I use glittery pipe cleaners for the legs of the birds; the book recommends using florist wire wrapped in tape but I don't have time for all that and I think the sparkly legs look really fun on the more flamboyant birds. It's also fun to put your own unique twist in when making crafts from other people's patterns; it's like putting your signature on and making it truly individual and special. Using slightly different colours or embroidery stitches are easy ways to try this.
I want to make all the birds in this book eventually - some of them twice (one to keep and one to gift) and make up more of my own! Leave a comment below if you have ever made or received anything from this fabulous book or have similar recommendations - I would love to hear from you!

Bye for now,
Sarah :)


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