LS Lowry Cross Stitch - Progress Update #1

One of my favourite artists is LS Lowry and a few years ago I was given a wonderful gift of a cross-stitch kit featuring his 'Street Scene' [1935] painting. I've been working on it on and off in my limited leisure time since then and thought that I might start chronicling the progress via my blog in order to stay motivated and show off what I've done. The finished size is 32cm x 26cm, so avid cross-stitchers will understand what a big undertaking it it - but I'm determined to get it finished!

Just to give you an idea of the time that goes into these types of projects here's a spot the difference for you: 

Yes I did put it on the ground
And after several hours of work here's my progress:

As you can see - not a huge amount of change but it's somewhat fulfilling to take these progress pictures when you are working on a bigger piece. Maybe I'm a slow stitcher?! I think I might be, but that makes it even more rewarding in the end!

I'll keep updating as I go, I think it will be satisfying to keep a record of the progress. If you like the look of this kit, you can buy it from Bothy Threads - along with several other LS Lowry designs and lots of other fantastic patterns. If that wasn't exciting enough, the Lowry kits are currently on sale!

That's all from me today! See you soon,

Sarah :)


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